A unity sand ceremony is a symbol of the uniting of two people. There’s no ‘right’ way to plan it, but there are a few choices you’ll need to make.

People involved

A sand ceremony begins with the bride and groom, but some couples like to involve children from either side, or even extended family in the unity sand ceremony. Family members can have their own color of sand or pour some of the bride’s or groom’s wedding sand. Some couples also like to involve a third color to represent their faith as the foundation of their relationship.

Type of Vase

There are two types of unity sand vases needed for every sand ceremony. The first is the pouring vase. Depending on who will be involved in your sand ceremony, you will need at least two pouring vases, but you can include as many colors – and vases – as you would like. The central vase will be the biggest choice; it will hold the combination of both sands, which represents the combining of two lives. There are countless styles of beautiful central ceremony vases, but more recently unity sand ceremony frames and shadowboxes have become available.

Sand Color

The unity sand colors are also an important choice to make because they’re meant to represent the couple. The unity sand will also be a decoration in your home, so it should fit your tastes. Corresponding  sand colors with the wedding’s color scheme is a great choice, because the wedding colors are usually chosen for some kind of significance to the couple. Think about ordering samples first to be sure the color is exactly what you hope.

Ceremony Vows

The readings for a unity sand ceremony can be very meaningful. They can be vows read by the bride and groom or readings recited by the officiant. Sand ceremony vows can also involve children or other family. It’s a good idea to browse some sample sand ceremony vows to start with; they can be tailored to your situation, or be used as inspiration to write your own unity sand ceremony vows.

From colors to styles to vows, there are some hard decisions to make when planning a wedding. As long as you follow your heart, you will be happy with your unity sand ceremony kit.