The wedding sand ceremony is a beautiful symbolism of two lives uniting as one. The couple will pour his or her sand into a central vase, creating a beautiful combination of colors. There will be pockets of distinct colors (showing that each personality is distinct within the union) while there will also be blended colors (showing that these personalities have committed to become one). The blending of the colored wedding sand symbolize the permanence of the union – just as it is virtually impossible to separate the different colored grains of sand, so it should be a union that is lasting and enduring.

Now, the question is, what colored sand will be best for your wedding ceremony? Usually, couples choose the wedding sand based on their wedding motif. However, there are couples that opt to get colors based on the meaning of the sand.

Remember, your choice is important. The sand ceremony kit can be a valuable keepsake that can serve as part of your home décor. You can place it in a prominent part of the house as a reminder of your commitment to live “as one”. So you must select colors that are not just pleasing to the eyes but also have a meaning for you.

Choose colors based on the number of participants. You can have a unity sand ceremony that includes the officiating minister. For this, the officiating minister pours neutral colored sand as a base. The officiating minister’s color often stands for a grounded marriage or God’s role as the foundation for the marriage.

You can also think about including other members of the family, such as parents or children from previous marriage or relationship. With this, you can think about getting variants or gradients of your selected color. For instance, you can choose light shades of green for the other participants if the bride’s color of choice is emerald green.

Or, you can allow the other participants to choose their own color based on their preferences. In the case of a wedding sand ceremony for a blended family, the children can choose that fits their personality. During the ceremony, the officiating minister can describe the meaning of the color choice and what the child can bring into the union. For instance, the minister can say, “Mary is pouring red-colored sand to symbolize the passion and enthusiasm for life that she has.”

You may also think about getting sparkling wedding sand, which adds more beauty (and the right amount of glitz) to the sands and the ceremony itself. Sandsational Sparkle has a wide choice of more than 80 colors of sparkling wedding sand that pours smoothly and does not stain when wet. Sandsational Sparkle also has fabulous unity sand ceremony kits you can choose from.

Here are some suggested meanings of the color of the sand:


Red:                       Love, Passion, the strength of the will, Fertility and courage

Green:                   Nature and renewal, health, riches, prosperity, beauty and luck

Yellow:                 Joy, a sunny disposition, optimism, consistency, friendship, attraction

Light Blue:           Peace, patience, tranquility, good health or understanding

Dark Blue:           Strength and virility, longevity, loyalty, trust, commitment

Purple:                 Royalty, strength, health and vitality, power, sophistication

Pale Pink:            Love, truth, playfulness, happiness, tenderness or unity

Hot Pink:             Romance, “girl power”

Brown:                 Nurturing and caring, home

Black:                   Wisdom, strength, success, sophistication

Silver:                  Vision, protection, inspiration and glamour

Gold:                     Wealth or prosperity, strength, unity, prestige or success

White:                  Peace, innocence

Champagne:      Refinement, conservative, traditional


The great thing about a wedding sand ceremony is that you can personalize the colors and combine these shades the way you want them.